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【Plum course】 Luxury course which you can enjoy fresh seafood, fish and pans boasting fisherman! 5000 yen 90 minutes with all you can drink!

【Plum course】 Luxury course which you can enjoy fresh seafood, fish and pans boasting fisherman! 5000 yen 90 minutes with all you can drink!

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All-you-can-drink available

90-minute unlimited drink menu 【】 is +1000 yen premium drink menu

Beginning with smoked potato salad where sake goes on, dishes using fresh fish.Juicy Nagasaki Unzen Ham, moderately fatty cattle Sagari has excellent compatibility with Sapa onions japonaisu sauce! The main trojan tuna that was taken at Genkai Nada is shabu-shabu.The dead noodles are soup stock of tuna · · ·.Desserts are handmade ice of the day or Gateau chocolat.It is a course that you can enjoy the deliciousness of Kyushu.Hospitality and date, with important people.

Course menu

【Ume Course】 New Fresh Fish Sheffler Course

1. Smoked potato salad which boasts of incense recipe

2. Sushi fish sashimi directly sent to the luxury Nagahama market

3. Steaming of active bamboo grass

4. Harvesting fancy seasonal fish (gourd, aza, etc .. The contents change according to the purchase of the day.)

5. Nagasaki Unzen Ham cut potatoes plenty

6. Homemade Japone sauce Charcoal grill of beef sagari

7. Negima hotpot with scarce kamatro of fat with black monster tuna

8. Noodles of Deep-fried tuna with delicious taste

9. Dessert (handmade ice of the day or Gateau chocolat, etc ...)

About the all-you-can-drink]

□ + 500 yen adds premolly to all you can drink OK!

□ + 1000 yen can change premium all you can drink!

□ + 500 yen for free all you can drink for 30 minutes!

[Please let us know if you have any other requests]

All-you-can-drink menu

· Beer / Japanese sake / plum wine
· Golden wheat plum wine 【Premium Malts, All Free / Hakkaisan, Aka Sakura, Hakata no Mori, Toiichi, age spicy, chrysanthemum, Koshige Tiger super spicy / Sakadake, Five generations, Anagose, Yuzu, Minoru】
Sour / highball
· Lime, lemon, Calpis, Kyoho, blue apple / horny high ball 【Yamazaki high ball / Shirasu high ball / Yuzu high ball / Plum high ball / Sequercer high ball】
· 【Potato: Black Kirishima / Beautiful Island / Red Rabbit / Isami / Mitake / Nakamura / Teacher's Soul / Golden Kirishima Wheat: Yaemaru / Nikaido / Midori / Nikko / Good rice is a good rice: し ろ /】
· Wanko (wheat) Nanko (rye) [Shiso / Kozue Tan / Shisho Komachi / Corn / Black / Yokaichi / Wasabi / Tennis]
· Carlo Rossi (red · white) 【Red: Peter & Peter / Doubletso / Sunset Creek / Talamanca / White: Garateo / Key Landing / Leeberstone Falls / Trebiano】
· Gin tonic / Jim bag / Mosccommure / Fazy noble / Peach oolong / Passion Orange / Matcha oolong / Matcha milk / 【Screwdriver / Sumoni】
· [Vodka Tonic / Ichigo Milk / Berries Milk / Berries Oolong / Yogreen Pine / Malibu Orange / Malibu Pine / Tinzano Rosso / Tinzanor Dry]
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea / Pine / Orange / Calpis / Grapefruit / Apple

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